Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh, Appalachia! - The Song

Presented here on the eve of its recording is "Oh, Appalachia!". Firstly, however, a few notes on my recording process. In general, my first goal in recording is to swiftly lay down tracks to get across an idea. The process, therefore, is not concerned with pristine sound, perfect timing/pitch, or solidified lyrics. Equally, because of my desire to output something quickly (in the sense of recording, quickly generally means 1 minute of song = 1 hour of recording time), songs are rarely in a finished state and are typically short. "Oh, Appalachia!" is no exception. Set to a series of 7 pictures from today's excursions, the intent here is to get some feeling for what is going on (i.e. lots of driving, pretty scenery) while also making a nod to regional music (in this case a bit of a bluegrass feel). So, with that in mind, I present "Oh, Appalachia!".

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