Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Road to Louisville

Departing at 2PM instead of 1:30, I made my way to Louisville, KY. Nothing especially eventful occurred during the drive - I did, however, make up for my lost time and arrived at 11:30 EST (a full 30 minutes before expected). As I crossed the Ohio River into Kentucky from Indiana, I noticed, amidst many bright lights and construction workers, a billboard that will hopefully not be an indication of things to come. Here's what it said:

"Saturday: The Real Lord's Day. Changed by the Anti-Christ." If there's anything that has ever made me want to attend church right now it would certainly be this sign... It starts as if to say "Milk: It Does a Body Good" and you're thinking, oh, that's not so bad - you know, perhaps Saturday is the... What? Changed by the Anti-Christ?!? As long as the people responsible for this billboard fodder are in a minority in this area, I think we'll be ok. And with that, it's off to bed - but first - the Stats.

Driving Time - 8.5 Hours
Driving Miles - 600+

What was Heard:
Discs 2-4 of Freakonomics
Discs 1-2 of Bruce Catton's The Civil War
Sufjan Stevens' Illinois and Avalanche (Both discs pertain and were written about the state of Illinois)

Final Destination: East of Louisville, KY (click for map)

Rest up, everyone - I'm up at 5AM to move towards the Great Smoky Mountains.


Kaytina/ Spoiledanlikinit said...

Geez.... I'm on vacation too. However my trip was somewhat uneventful;unless, you want to consider the dreaded lurch that comes with riding on a commuter flight that begrudgingly takes off. Anyway , I lauged heartily, when I read your blog. Have a great time on your trip. You sooooo deserve this time to relax.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Kentucky - home of the best bourbon in the world. Please remember while you are there to sample some of God's creation regardless of the signs you see and read. If you are in the country and hear banjos - RUN! Be safe Lunchbox!!