Saturday, September 29, 2007

To Hayward, Wisconsin and the Colors of Fall

It was shortly after I arrived home from my eastern travels - which, at this point would really be any time between right now and Sunday evening last - that I was reminded of how much I enjoyed traveling and began to question the last year or so of infrequent indulgence. It is, at the conclusion of such thoughts, that I find myself this evening in Hayward, Wisconsin in preparation for colorful foliage reported to abound in this region.

Joining me this time is my beagle, Buckley. Expertly navigating from the back to the front of the car, over and over again, as if obsessively compelled to discover every route of passage in preparation for, let's say, evacuation for a mobile yet contained natural disaster. During this exercise, I was greeted in split second intervals nervous, high-pitched vocal emissions. The whimpered whines finally died down about an hour north of Des Moines (recollections, perhaps, that the last time we entered a car together he ended up at a boarding kennel; good news Buckley, not this time) and, for the most part, he behaved himself quite nicely.

Tomorrow I presume there shall be more to report as the enchanting Northwoods unfold amidst glacial lakes, rust-colored streams falling over rough-hewn rock face, and, for this brief time, an explosion of color that will inexplicably allow us to forget that winter and the madness that is the holiday season is only a few months away.

The Stats:
Driving Time: 6.5 Hours
Driving Miles: 420+

What was Heard:
Disc 1-4 of Stephen Sears' Landscape Turned Red: The Battle of Antietam

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