Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Voyage of Epic Proportions

Tomorrow, at roughly 1:30 PM, I will be setting out for the Appalachian Mountains in the Eastern United States. The following reasons constitute the purpose of my voyage:

1) To go where many, and at the very least I, have never been
2) To go somewhere alone and deal with the unique challenges it will present
3) To be struck by inspiration which will hopefully lead to musical invention
4) To seek out, photograph, and document the existence of the rare Appalachian Mountain Field Mouse*

* The Appalachian Mountain Field Mouse presents a scientific quandary much the same as the "Lost City of Atlantis" or the "Loch Ness Monster". Not spotted in the wild since 1757, the Appalachian Mountain Field Mouse's continued (or even initial) existence is paradoxical - what is this field mouse that lives in the mountains? Would it not be, therefore, a mountain mouse? To add greater confusion to the mix, sitings of the mouse before 1757 note that the mouse was, in fact, spotted (i.e. harbored spots upon its fur). The 1757 date, then, adds duality to the meaning of spotted: it has not been spotted since 1757 (visually) and it has also not been spotted since 1757 (black spots, rather like a leopard, upon its fur).

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Anonymous said...

Justin of the Clan Davis, may your journey be fruitful and all the things you desire come to pass. Your journey shall be long and tiring yet filled with decesions that will haunt you for the rest of your know existence. Upon completion of this journey, you shall be ready for the trails of fire and ice. This is your test nad only you-alone-will allow it to beat you or defeat you. May the road come up to meet you and the rain be at your back and the poop not on your shoes. Until your circle of exploration has been completed I bid you happy and safe journey. The Master.(_[]___{{{{{
HINT >> Look for the spotted one where the grass grows tall and the water rolls freely.