Friday, March 13, 2009

March 11: Des Moines, IA to Denver, CO

I have to sincerely disagree with the group of people I refer to as the "Nebraska Detractors". This, unfortunately, seems to put me at a disadvantage for I seem to be the only person I have asked who does not mind driving across the state of Nebraska. The Nebraska Detractors complain it is a boring route; there is nothing to see, nothing to do, and will surely induce the driver and all passengers into a kind of temporary coma - which will seem permanent, mind you, because the Nebraska Detractors believe this state is made up of endless meandering miles for which there is no end.

It is in this state (Nebraska, not the coma) Dan Dudley and I find ourselves for most of our drive this evening. I am not one to complain, however; I realize the southern route through Kansas is inferior for a number of reasons - a speed limit of 70? Are you kidding? I firmly believe the Nebraska Detractors must've misread the state sign as they crossed the border; surely they were traveling though Kansas. But, alas, we're not in Kansas anymore.

I find Nebraska to be a very paced voyage. The speed limit is 75; there are reasonable milestones with which to pace the voyage; and the speed limit is 75; but I repeat myself.

We spent the time from 2:10 PM CST to 10:45 PM MST driving with minimal stops from Des Moines to Denver. I consider this a small price to pay to awake at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, the West, and the general feeling of open expanse one can simply not feel east of the Missouri River.

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Jacob said...

So the only good thing about Nebraska is that you can leave it faster than you can leave Kansas?

I think you'll get plenty of people to agree with you there.