Friday, March 13, 2009

Setting the Stage

What better way to travel than by car? Really. To experience this country from the open road (though at times closed roads and partially constructed roads) allows one to truly take in the expanse; to survey its contents from a first-hand perspective. Flying gives no meaning to ones voyage; lifting off from Des Moines, IA and touching down in San Diego, CA distorts this perspective. There is no ocean within 4 hours of Des Moines, period. And so it is that on this March 11, 2009, one Dan Dudley (an Agile software developer with whom I share my employ) and I alight on a voyage which, at its presumed completion, we will have traveled over 5,500 miles and driven through 9 states; crossed into 2 different time zones and over 1 continental divide; and, if we're lucky, still be able to stand each other enough to enter a confined, mobile space each morning in order to reach the destinations of the day.

This trip is undertaken for a variety of reasons - none of which are requisite to our continued existence, but all of which remind us of a world beyond our typical daily routines. To visit a friend, Alan, who recently moved from Des Moines to Phoenix, AZ. To perhaps detour to the Adobe headquarters (makers of defunct and non-intuitive PDF products - outside of Reader, which performs the function of "display" quite dutifully) in order to plant a sign with an extended middle finger reading "Optimize This!". To see an ocean; specifically, the Pacific. And of course, to visit a number of locales of a scenic nature.

We leave at 2:10 PM CST and plan to be in Denver by 10:30 PM MST.

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