Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4: Abbey Road

Today's schedule was tackled in an incredibly relaxed manner due to a number of factors.  First, there was no hot water in the hotel for the morning and this wasn't resolved until 2:30.  Since it was a bank holiday, many things were closed, which is presumably why it took so long to fix the water.  After waiting around until 11, I decided to go ahead with a freezing cold shower (in reality, the water was probably in the low 50s, which sounds better than it really is, but this may as well have been freezing).  

After this, Dan & I set out for Abbey Road, taking the tube from Holburn Station to Bond Street, and then switching to the Jubilee Line to St John's Wood.  The studios were very easy to find, just down the street from the tube station.  We perused the wall outside the studios and read fan graffiti for a bit and then headed about 5 minutes away to 7 Cavendish Avenue, Paul McCartney's home from 1965 onwards (he presumably just owns the home today, rather than living there full time).  It was a somewhat interesting excursion as we could see some of the house over the security gate.  At the house next door, the security gate was open with an Aston Martin parked in the drive.  

From here it was back to the hotel as we were both feeling inordinately tired (for doing practically nothing).  This was followed, later, by some very good fish & chips at Callaghan's, the nice pub which is part of the hotel.  Nothing much else to report on this day.  

Cloudy all day.  Much windier.  Colder.  

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Shawn said...

Cold showers are good for you. They cut toughness grooves into your brain!